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Why We Built SweatLyst

The hardest part of being an instructor is managing my music library, so I shared my concerns (read: complained) to my husband about how managing my music, or “hacking iTunes” as we came to call it, was taking up too much of my time.

I want to teach, not hack iTunes. Being around the people in my classes, moving to great music, completing a great workout – that’s what I looked forward to. The music management piece became a frustrating part of getting to the good part of something I loved. We can all relate to that.

That’s where Sweatlyst comes in.

–  Jessica Small, Co-Founder of Sweatlyst and dance aerobics enthusiast

What is Sweatlyst?

Glad you asked.

Sweatlyst is a platform designed to free instructors from the mundane task of hacking together music tools to create and play playlists of music.  It is the most useful and intuitive music tool designed specifically to meet the needs of group fitness instructors who build amazing music-driven classes.

The Sweatlyst app is uniquely designed to give instructors the ability to label, sort and filter their songs in a way that makes sense to them and the structure of their classes.




Easily create playlists for your fitness classes by filtering songs based on where they fit best in your set. 




Filter, sort and search your music by custom tags and category types such as BPM, Routine Type, Feel, and more.



Share custom-curated and labeled libraries made specifically for you and your studio's needs. 




Custom tags give you the freedom to find the right song and build the perfect playlist, quicker and easier than ever.




Keep the music rolling, uninterrupted even when you don't have great service in the studio.



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Get unlimited access to all features with Sweatlyst Premium for just $4.99 per month. 


Your own personal teams, your own custom attributes, unlimited hi-fives, and a whole lotta love. FREE forever.

-Single User Teams (Limit 2)
-Custom Team Attributes (3/Team)
-Unlimited songs
-Team Specific Playlists (Limit 3)


Sign Get unlimited playlists, unlimited custom attributes, and playlist collaboration for $4.99 per month. 

-Sharable Teams (Unlimited)
-Custom Team Attributes (Unlimited)
-Unlimited Songs
-Team Specific Playlists (Unlimited)
-Unlimited Team Invites


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